Fault in our Starts

Hemalatha Baskar

September 4, 2019

Fault in our Our Starts

It is an emotional state where we feel stuck. I have put together a few thoughts of my own which are specially created for Designers, where they come across these challenges more often.


Is this going to be melancholic? Nope.

Often, we end up in situations wherein we just go blank!!! We panic when we realize that somethings have not been completed or weren’t pursued on time. It is an emotional state where we feel stuck. I have put together a few thoughts of my own which are specially created for Designers, where they come across these challenges quite often. Most of these are what I myself as a designer have faced when I started out in my career path.

Creative Start

As a designer we come up with creative ideas: many days we feel charged, motivated, fresh and there seems to be a free flow of concepts. However, there are days where we face a burnout or a blackout, wherein we are just not able to come up with even a single concept. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

Well in that case just leave your desk for some time and take a break!!  You can probably explore your hobbies. I usually focus on painting to relax my mind or I just explore a new café. Sometimes meet new people, try new things such as take a solo trip, observe my surroundings, meditate, play an instrument and so on. This helps you in rejuvenating your energy levels and enables a lateral thinking process which in turn leads you to see new options or perspectives for your ideas.

Time Train

Every project takes time to create, starting from the research till the end product. As a designer- we scratch the project by research, wireframes, visual design, mockups and prototyping. While coming across these processes I often ask myself “Why is it taking so much time? Am I taking too long? Is it wrong? Am I lagging behind on this?”

Yes, I have thought all these thoughts.

But then, I brush myself off and say to myself “No more worries!”

An idol can’t be made in a single day, right? It gets improved every single day. So do we! Everything takes time especially when you create something new. Just go with flow and don’t doubt yourself for taking time to keep your mind fresh and clear.


We often come across this word in our workspace- ‘Iteration’. I can suit the best example which I personally felt while designing an illustration. It took nearly a month to illustrate and at some point, I got the feeling to drop it but thankfully I completed that illustration. When I see the first and last version of that illustration, I didn’t think about the process or how long it took. Or how many corrections I had made. The output speaks for itself. Absolute pleasure.

It’s worth it. So, do it!


This is my personal favorite, which I do a lot. While creating something, I often pause my ideas in between and think that “This idea won’t work at all” or “This won’t be nice for this project” or “Can I try a different idea? Then I came to know that we shouldn’t judge the concept while doing it and have a little bit patience to finish the design and finally we can decide whether it looks good or bad. In some case, deleting the extras in the design makes it cool and sometimes adding works.

So, don’t just drop the idea in between your process, complete the design, and then decide to go with it or not.

Other Designers

Social Media helps to widen our perspective, but it often makes us think, “Why I am not doing something like that?” “When will I do things like this?”


Comparing our work with others doesn’t make our job done, we can learn most of the things from the other designers by watching them while they are doing the work. I learned a lot.

Everybody has a different style and way of presenting the ideas. So, create your own style! Obviously, it takes time- just trust the process and go with the flow.


Happiness is the key in our life, especially while designing what we designers feel matters a lot. Just being in the moment and trusting the process which we do is an eye opener.

One day it really pays off!