The secret of the “Creative Spark”


September 4, 2019

The secret of the “Creative Spark”

Remember to trust in your spark and let the eternal flame take glory. Draw up your ideas and unleash upon the first creative journey of providing actual meaning towards your solution.

Firework spirals

When you’re a young and hungry Designer or Artist, you run behind hopes, like how Batman would want a bright future for the dark city of Gotham. You search for those two magical words in you as an unknown emotion that you think is total emote of the unexplained phenomenon. Those two words that you think will make you the whiz whom all will look upon. Just like how you always wanted to be Batman (or, Superman, Iron Man or anyone you would like to imagine and buy apparels of) appearing as the spark of light for the innocent plight of the people of Gotham. And those two words that you want to be your magical Shazam is “Creative Spark”. Wait! What? Where do you find one? Can I take a course on how to create your creative spark? How many years do I have to study? Do I meditate? Energy drink?

Well, lets not get too carried away by these two magical words. What we need to realize that the spark we all long for is a result of a continuous process. It doesn’t light up on one fine day. You need to work towards it and process loads of relevant information to solve a particular problem, business need or a creative emotion that needs a visual alchemy.

Here are a few things to remember, to get your flint hot.

The misleading spark

Have you ever designed something in a split second? Practically impossible? True. It’s the same case with creativity upon any subject. Any creative idea should be put to good use and if you’re designing anything out of a spark or a spontaneous action then it’s just something you like to design and it truly may not have a purpose to solve through your creativity applied to it. We are often mislead or we misread the meaning of the “creative spark”. There is a whole lot a designer goes through to get to the stage where the spark actually means something. The spark gives visual to the meaning, more like texture to color or maybe the “Batness” to Batman. It is what makes something more consumable with our senses.

But like all great work, this needs planning and process. A process that starts with understanding, analyzing, exploring, implementing and innovating. It requires huge amount of information that needs to be processed by the mind and be able to see the most unique nature of something and establish vision to it. Simply, like finding the needle in a haystack. It’s possible but needs process.

Getting there

In a creative environment we use a lot of terms to define this process and the most common of them being the process of Design Thinking or traditionally the process of Brainstorming. It’s really critical to sit and talk with multiple minds to gather their perspectives upon a particular subject. It gives us the freedom to think from everyone’s head and will obviously clear any mind lock, which is a usual experience in the creative industry. The significant idea of repeating the problem statement often helps guide our thoughts in the right direction and sets the pace to record the outcomes of a brainstorming session.

The one thing to remember

That one thing to remember when you’re on the table with your fellow creative minds is that you should also let their spark take shape and fuel your holistic scene. Never become hostile as your focus should be on the greater good, just like Batman. Remember, Batman needs Robin even though he never admits it, or does he?

While you do this, note keeping although may feel frustrating will help you remember things that you can’t normally, because when there’s a spark there’s a lot of tiny weeny flames shots that has potential to light up an entire Bat Cave. Always embrace the good ideas and it really doesn’t matter from whom it comes from.

The hotshot!

Not everyone is Batman, obviously. Not every idea that spills on the table is a spark. Remember to not be drawn towards something that’s not in your focus of solution. There’s only one Hotshot of all those seesaws that come out as creative thought processes.

It’s best to note them all, categorize them, narrow down and have about 2 to 3 of them for the bigger discussion to see what’s hot among them.

No spark is lit with a damp matchstick!

The leap of faith

Now that you have what you need for the spark to ignite, all you can do now, is flick the flints.

You need to take the leap of faith to see if the spark starts the fire you’re expecting. That my friend, is the hard part. Remember to trust in your spark and let the eternal flame take glory. This stage in the process is the most axial one to depend on, trust and make worthy of. It is where your fire makes meaning and the warmth provides comfort for your hard work so far. This is where you draw up your ideas and unleash upon the first creative journey of providing actual meaning towards your solution. This is where your tools, your systems, your processes and metrics come to play and from there on wards, you’re on an eternal journey to fulfill someone else’s dreams and seek satisfaction about the fact that it is your spark that made it all possible.

Know where to stop

Remember, that it’s very important to start somewhere, but it’s just as important to know when to stop. When you know you can start a spark, then it usually leads to a lot of sparks that when not noted carefully could take you to an unending spiral of flames and burn you down along with it.

Just like how Batman puts it, I quote “You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain” and am sure you’re the hero that Gotham wants.

Welcome to your Creative Spark.

Let’s play with fire!