Letting your work speak for itself

Haniel B Daniel

December 12, 2019

Letting your work speak for itself

It is quite easy to sit back and say 'I'll let my work speak for itself', when you are quite the tight-lipped person. Reading more might convince you to think about things otherwise.

'Should I speak about the work I've done? or will my work speak for itself?' is a question I've grappled with most of my adult life. Being the introverted and reserved person, It was quite the easy choice for me to make. 'I should let my work speak for itself', was my go-to response whenever my friends or co-workers wanted me to talk about my works to someone. Maybe, this was my way of avoiding having to talk about myself or entirely talking to people. 

Hindsight is always 20-20 and reflection is always a beautiful thing to do. Now that I have rambled enough about my past, I'll get into what I wanted to convey. It is quite easy to sit back and say 'I'll let my work speak for itself', when you are quite the tight-lipped person. Reading more might convince you to think about things otherwise. 

The captions certainly do help

I've had my brief stint with photography in my post graduate days. I've seen some pretty good photographs that are technically good and well composed but, lack the story or emotion to go with them. I've also seen some okay looking photos that had some pretty exciting story to go with them. More often than not, people tend to gravitate towards these photographs with stories or captions that are interesting. I believe that the experience that the photographer had while they clicked the shutter and the way they tell it makes the difference. Telling about something that isn't obvious to the observer viewing your work for the first time can garner curiosity and attention. This not only applies to photography, but to any work you do. 

Gaining the visibility, you need

Many professionals who do their work diligently have the tendency to keep their heads down and fly under the radar. At times, passively letting your quality work speak for itself can probably leave you unnoticed. Careful self-branding and gaining the right exposure while doing quality work is one of the key factors in climbing the proverbial corporate ladder. Talking to the right people without being intimidated by their title, reputation or fame can be a huge boost to your self-image and career. 

Most of us love stories

As Humans, we love stories. Academic Research says that it is one of the things that make us human. Your works most of the time don't tell stories, you probably can try telling one. When I look for people to work with me, I look for certain qualities in them. Often, when I'm setting up a team, the people in the pool for selection would have often worked on very similar projects. I would end up listening to the stories of the difficulties they came across in the projects and how they handled it. This ends up being the deciding factor. Your experiences while doing the work can be the difference between you and someone else doing the same work. It would be next to impossible to understand someone's potential if they do not communicate their talents. 

I will be the first to admit that being in a shell can be very comfortable and its quite natural to be afraid of the changes. But changing your outlook about gaining the right visibility for you work can be life changing.