How to end 2019 – Designer’s Guide

Hemalatha Baskar

December 20, 2019

How to end 2019 Designer’s Guide

The new year is approaching, we are busy in creating resolutions which pretty much gets faded after a week (but not this time ☹). As a creative professional, we need to keep building ourselves is the greatest challenge in our career. Here are the few things that I thought to follow in this year and it also helps to get yourself up.

1. Gratitude

When I start to write my gratitude lists, my soul lightens. So to end this year with gratitude by feeling thankful for people who support you in either your career or personal life, things you own, your skills, especially the lessons you learnt and things you achieved in this year of 2019. Generally, as a designer, we face many challenges like the creative concept, dealing with clients etc., so thanking our profession which makes us grow every day😊

2. Achievements

Achievements - the name itself sounds boosting. Isn’t it?

List down your achievements of 2019, it can be either a small 3 second GIF you created or new software you learnt in this year or a great thing which you did by stepping outside from your comfort zone. By seeing through the list makes us increase the number of achievements in the coming year and motivates us to grow more.

3. Lessons you learnt

Present you, define the lessons you learnt.

Make a list by clearing out your mind by dumping the lessons you learnt. This way helps to visualize the lessons and greatly helps to avoid the mistakes in the future.

4. Stepping into 2020

A fresh start!
Everyone is eager about starting a new year and expecting it to the great start, but very few only are done in practice. I usually make a theme of a year, how a year looks like (grow, happy etc.,) After visualising the theme, stepping into the goal of this year. Some get excited and the goal list will flow like anything. Keeping the relatable goal and making a process to achieve is a vital task.

E.g.,    I want to learn Cinema 4D in this year - Goal of the year to achieve that hero goal, I need to design two 3Dmodels in a month– Monthly Goal. To achieve this, I need to spend 30 minutes each day and that makes a model in 2 weeks. – Breaking into a small actionable to-do.

Creating lists of goals in 2020. I usually make a list, pretty much similar to bullet journal. But this one is more specific to creatives like you. So take a look at it.

  • Make a list of books want to read (again actionable ones)
  • List of places want to visit – It can be either art gallery, museum or a world trip to get inspiration. List down it and manage your budget and calendar to get inspired more from the outside world this year.
  • List of people want to follow/meet: Nowadays social media is our online portfolio platform and also a great distraction. Choose wisely in following the people and get motivated by them and unfollow those who don’t. This way you can motivate yourself and maximise productivity.
  • New style – This one is my personal favourite. Make a list of things you need to try this year, designs like monotone illustration, a smooth seamless 3D animation or create a new original colour palette from your surroundings and the list goes on.
  • Inspiration-File -This one is inspired from Austin Kleon from “Steal Like an Artist”, where you need to make a physical file and put all your inspiration either a magazine cover or an old cloth which you think it has a great texture, just pick and save it. It will help in one day, who knows it? This way helps to make us get inspired when we out of thoughts.
  • Reward: This one has extra effects! When you strike off a goal in your list, reward yourself. This makes you to boosts your confidence level and motivates to achieve more.

I hope this list will be helpful to visualise and track your goals and make yourself a platform to grow in the year 2020. Great thing finds a small motivation to start, make yourself up and boosts your mind to build yourself.

Let’s make this year 2020 awesome and life-changing!

Happy New Year!