Finding my balance!

Hemalatha Baskar

January 20, 2020

Finding my balance!

Can a UX/UI designer be an artist?

It's been quite a long week where I have been trying to focus on my passion.

Learning a skill needs commitment whereas lasting in the skill needs persistence.

Okay, let's get into the story!

I have been working as the Head of Social Media Promotions and Strategies for the past five months where I learnt about interesting and eye-opening strategies and practices. A typical day focuses on social media posts where I create and conceptualize ideas, sketch thoughts, prepare social media content and produce a complete post which could be shared on all possible social media platforms.

Great, isn't it?

While doing this, my brain unknowingly shifts to the artistic mode of conceptualization, which makes me realize that I have moved a great distance away from one of my skills - UX/UI designs. I felt that my passion for UX/UI dwindled as my skills seemed rusty. So, I sought help from my mentor, who is luckily my boss, and told him about my situation. He suggested that I practice UI design by recreating some websites.

For the next four days, it was really hard to focus on websites and think like a UI designer. Whenever my colleagues designed or drew any sketches in the past, I have been dragged into it. However, those four days were a real struggle. It was really difficult to focus and tune my brain to the other side.

Real Challenge!

Here comes the part where I felt very insecure and ran to my bed as usual. I cried my heart out and tortured my friend by narrating my struggle.

Then Eureka!

The one thing that my boss and friend said in common was, "Let it take time.” But at first, I did not listen to it and continued sobbing.

The struggle of sitting at my desk and working on that design continuously made me realize that we should give ourselves space and time. Now I could clearly see the improvement and my involvement in my designs. But now, I also have a fear of losing my conceptualization skill which is more artistic compared to UX/UI. I also need that one!

Can a UX/UI designer be an artist?

Then I heard the advice, "Set your primary and secondary skill" and make a priority towards it. That hit me hard. I came to the understanding that UI/UX is my primary skill, so I decided to follow the techniques below to maintain a stable balance between my skills.

1. Allocating Time:

I have been working as a full-time UX/UI designer, and I spend most of my time implementing this skill. So, on weekends, I planned to do illustrations or sketches which can act as both my hobby and secondary skill.

2. Note it to start it:

You may assume that I am completely engrossed in UX at office, but sometimes your mind tends to wander.

Flowing thoughts? Yes, it is!

When something strikes me, I either make a note of it or sketch the illustration dancing in my head.

Note: I usually carry a separate notebook for scribbling my ideas.

3. Inspiration Collection:

You may call it as Inspidiary (Diary of Inspiration :p)

This will help us to see the inspiration at a single glance. It need not be physical. You can use Pinterest to pin your inspirations. This way, I dump my inspirations and ideas in a single site and use it as a reference for a job.


 "Did you find the balance?"

Yes! Work on yourself!

My passion and hobby helped me establish a career!

What's yours?